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Holy City Church

Brian Powell

Pastor of Vision

Brian was born and raised in the deep South, splitting his childhood between Georgia and South Carolina. When he heard the Gospel as a pre-teen, he repented and believed in Christ. He became serious about his faith in middle school, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and classmates. As he consistently saw and heard the faithful preaching of his pastor in Columbia, he began to feel a strong, growing desire to preach to and teach God’s people. This call to ministry intensified during multiple overseas mission trips and his leading community groups after college. In 2010, he and his family moved to Louisville, KY to pursue theological education, where Brian completed his Master’s and PhD degrees at Southern Seminary. He currently serves as the Pastor of Vision at Holy City Church.

Brian is married to Elise, has 6 children, and loves the Clemson Tigers.

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Drew McFarland

Pastor of Care

Drew was born to Christian parents and raised in an evangelical church in southern Minnesota. It became evident that Drew needed to make decisions of repentance and faith-motivated obedience, and in Junior High, he forsook sin and was baptized. In Drew’s early twenties, a significant shift took place that helped him move from a self-righteous reliance upon obedience towards a more humble reliance upon the righteousness of Christ.

The influences of two youth pastors played a significant role in his call to ministry. After 10 years of following their examples as a part-time paid intern (2.5 years), and as a full-time youth pastor (8 years), the Lord gave Drew gifts and new desires to serve the entire church body through preaching, teaching, and leading. Drew completed his Master’s degree at Southern Seminary in 2016, and currently serves as the Pastor of Care at Holy City Church.

Drew is married to Bekah, has 4 children, and loves all things Minnesota (except the giant mosquitoes).

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