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Holy City Church

Become a Member

Become a Member

The membership process at Holy City Church looks like this:

  1. Fill out a membership application. Physical applications are also available upon request in the main office. If applicable, Holy City will request a reference from the church where you are currently a member.
  2. Meet with a pastor. Once your church reference is returned (if applicable), the church office will contact you to set up a membership interview with one of the pastors.
  3. Attend a membership class. At any point, you can attend a membership class, which is typically held on a Saturday morning. For the next scheduled class, please contact the Holy City Church office. After your interview, you’ll be announced to the church as a candidate for membership in Holy City’s weekly communication.
  4. Be welcomed into the congregation. Your membership will be voted on at a Member’s Meeting after you’re announced as a candidate for membership.


Once you become a member of Holy City Church, you’re able to serve in various volunteer capacities including, but not limited to: Welcome Team, Holy City Kids, Holy City Youth, Music Team & Sound, Widow Care, and our Maintenance Crew.

Holy City Kids & Holy City Youth require a background check and a 90-day waiting period before you’re eligible to volunteer. Fill out the Holy City volunteer form here and we’ll get the process started for you so that you may serve our kids and/or youth as soon as possible!